How to make love? This is not an instruction or a step-by-step recommendation that should be strictly followed. No one will try to shoot you, if you act based on your instincts. This will even be welcomed. But, today we'll talk with you about the nice tips that will help your woman get sexually satisfied, happy and more achieve orgasms in bed. Useful sex tips will help you understand the soul of the woman much better.
If don’t think only about yourself, but about your partner, then you probably will be interested to learning about the ways that excite the female body and can even get her to an orgasm.

The Squirt is the peak of pleasure

The girl has 17 types of orgasms! And from this large number of them the squirt orgasm is the most pleasant, strongest and most stunning one. If a man can learn how to do it, then he can get hooked with any girl. A good way to learn the squirt orgasm is a special device for squirting - Maestro Love. More details you can find on the manufacturer's website.


Men's bed techniques

In order to understand how to bring your girl to orgasm, you don’t need any magic, just be aware and look at your beloved one. You just have to feel her and guess her desires, especially if she is still virgin or just shy to talk about sex.

If your lady is not shy and knows how to talk about what she likes, then do as she asks, but do not forget to offer her some new experiences. And what if she really likes it and you can even bring her to an orgasm quicker, than even she could imagine it. You need to know how to have sex in order to achieve the desired effect.

Do not go for the physical contact right away, just talk. This doesn’t have to be some kind of an erotic theme. You can talk about the weather. The girl has to be calm, and not alarmed like a deer.

Give her time to take a bath or shower. Do not forget about hygienic procedures. Nobody feels confident when they are nervous about their smell. Plus, the girls are very sensitive to the unpleasant scent, she will think about it all the time and this will greatly complicate your situation.


As was already mentioned, in order to achieve a quick orgasm, and not only physical, but also spiritual, it is best to start with foreplay, that's how most girls like it and that's what most guys do not like. But today is her day and you want to please her more than yourself. Start with the basics. These sexy tips will allow you to get acquainted with her most sensitive spots.

Gently touch her trembling body, whispering in her ear charming sweet words. Call her by her name. Many women are very excited. If you have already been close, then you can touch her with your excited “stallion”, so that she will feel your strength. But be careful not to scare away the trembling creature.

Remember about kissing her ear and the gentle whisper of her name. Only after half an hour the passion and feelings that she still never experienced will begin to emerge, capable of bringing her to an orgasm.

You can slightly press down her passionate flower with your leg, she will like it too.

Your excited stallion can also touch her sensitive skin, especially if your partner is pressing harder against you. By following these sex advice for menstrong> you will make her feel much more confident in her own sex appeal.

Do not hurry to come in, but come back again to her chest. These sensual hills can already be grasped by your hands, and not just caressed by your tongue or fingers.

Your tongue can kiss the nipple, lick it and suck it. You can do it with the tip or with the whole area. The place between the breasts is also very sensual. Remember this area.
Slowly go down to her stomach area then go to her buttocks. The ladies bottom remarkably sexually reacts to kisses, and even easy biting. But don’t lose yourself in the process, otherwise you can bite off a piece, and your foreplay will end with a hospital and screams coming from pain.

Let go of her body for a moment and then return to the foreplay. Touch with your fingertips the skin on the inside of her thighs. By following these love making tips you will be able to pleasure her. Act very gently as if you are trying to let her feel the touch of air. After stroking, start moving your palm. Passionately kiss her thighs. Be careful, you are already close to her passionate core, but it is not the time yet.

Even if she is completely ready to let you in. Return to the ear lobe again. A woman can be a little and tease, she is like in the end like. And it's clear that you've been teasing yourself for quite some time, but it's too early to go over to the main thing.

Talk to your girl, girls love hearing you talk

If you are able to speak passionately and enthusiastically, then this is perfect since the most exciting organ for a girl is her ears and your words. Tell your partner about what you are ready to do with her. The female body will instantly react to your hot and sensual voice.

In addition, the female ears are the most erogenous zone of the female body. Your earlobe, neck, lips kisses will kindle the fire of passion even more. Act very slowly, but at the same time, confident and passionate.

Your lady may not like it if you are not confident. The absolute majority of women love the manifestation of strength and masculinity in bed. This remained from the time of our ancestors, and it is almost impossible to change, it's an animal instinct. Try to combine the ice and fire. The main thing is you don’t need to ejaculate before your partner does.

Your lips must caress her dimple on the neck, her wet or dry lips. You don’t only have to kiss, but also nibble or tease with your tongue.

When to engage in sexual activities

If your woman is ready, then it's better to lie down on the bed or sofa. It will be more convenient for you and her. But do not persuade or push a girl, do everything gracefully. The girl will appreciate it.

And don’t forget that today you don’t need to hurry if you want to please your girlfriend. Don’t think about yourself and believe it that 98% of men do think about themselves, and that's why 98% of women are not completely satisfied in bed, and many don’t even know what it's like to reach orgasm. Sex may seem like a tricky thing, but if you get acquainted with the necessary information on how to make love, then you will most definitely succeed.

Well, how can she achieve it, if next to her is an egoist who thinks only of himself. Try this time to make your girl really happy, offer her such a gift.

It is not the time to penetrate her yet. She has not reached the peak of sexual arousal.

Your lips are the key to her heart. They can open all the doors, even those that have already rusted and have not opened for a long time.

There are statistics that many women don’t experience orgasm, but don’t believe in statistics. Try to go along with your partner and reach for the hot and unforgettable stars. Only from men's actions does the coldness of the ladies depend. You can make it so that the lady will get the long-awaited orgasm for the first time.

Listen to your girlfriend

Gradually go to her chest. But always be guided by the things that the girl tells you. There are women who cannot stand such foreplay or even feel pain while you are touching their breasts. All people are different and everyone needs something of their own, so hard recommendations in the issue of achieving a woman's orgasm should never be adhered to.

But, if she moans with pleasure, then be sure to play with her nipples, touch her fingertips or her tongue, pull them cautiously and let go, see how the nipples are excited by your skillful and pleasant foreplay.

Constantly follow the reaction of the female body. If your lady is tense and this is unpleasant for her, then don’t insist. You also need to know how to have longer sex, because if you last for less than 5 minutes after the foreplay, then it is going to be an issue for her, especially if this is your first time.

Show your burning passion and strength

If you cannot restrain yourself, then penetrate her, but if you are ready to endure your passionate suffering, then be strong, and while you return to her chest, sink down the back to her buttocks. It is not necessary to show the male strength, but it is necessary to act gently and passionately.

Again caress the inside of her thighs, touch with your fingers the entrance to her vagina and to the clitoris.

Many women are happy to achieve an orgasm by you touching these beautiful places not only with your fingers, but also with your tongue and lips.

Your lips tongue or fingers should caress the clitoris, making circular movements counter-clockwise. Caress from the vagina and to the clitoris, making a long stop on the way.

Such touches can bring the girl to an orgasm and you don’t even need the help of your powerful sexual organ. Follow the sex tips for guys and you will always stay relevant.

More than just an orgasm

Go into it with your finger, go back to the clitoris and whisper sweet little words. Take her to the top of the sexual pleasure, which may already be more than an ordinary physical orgasm. She may already have experienced it more than once. This is a complete fusion of your bodies and your souls.

But, don’t forget about your own control, you don’t have to reach an orgasm before she does.

And don’t forget to prepare in advance. That is, cut off your long nails and wash your hands and try to smell good. You must excite your lady, and not discourage her from any kind of desire. Tell her you experienced a lot of pleasure because she got an orgasm. Now she will really do for you everything you want, and not only in bed. This is one of the serious steps towards true love and strong affection.

And of course, from your skillful actions the lady can experience the peak of pleasure not one, but several times, and you can learn how to do it. There are many things that you will have to learn if you want to know how to improve sex life and impress your partner. After all, now you can continue and do it as you wanted before, but we are sure that you will see that this time your feelings will be completely different if you spent at least 40 minutes to satisfy your partner with foreplay.

Friends, don’t think that we doubt your knowledge and skills. We know that you are a real man, but our story can supplement your knowledge with a new understanding of what exactly your girlfriend needs. About yourself certainly know a lot.

And of course, there are no identical women. You won’t bring her to an orgasm if you act according to a pattern. This is true especially in sex, but maybe we could help you understand the female nature a little deeper.

Only, do not go on a date with this printing of our article and check with the consistency of each point. Act according to the situation, focusing on the preferences of your beloved one. Ask her about her desires, her sexual dreams, notice her reactions, do only what pleases her.

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Women erogenous zones

If we talk about erogenous zones on the body of a woman, then we can say that the entire female body is an area of excitement. But there are some places and points that respond very strongly to partner’s touch.

Below, we list the erogenous zones analyze them in more detail.

The ears are a very sensitive part of the body and immediately respond to gentle touch. In order to cause a strong desire for a woman, you need to kiss the inside of the ear and her earlobe.
The most sensitive part of the neck is the area from the ear to the shoulder, from the middle of the throat to the shoulder and from behind, in the middle of her neck.
This part of the body is less sensitive than the ears and neck, but at the same time, women are very excited if a man strokes her shoulders or kisses them.
The very relationship begins with a kiss and it's not surprising, because have a lot of nerves, through which we enjoy such a pleasant experience as a kiss.
There are several types of kisses. There is a normal kiss, when partners touch only the outer side of the lips, a kiss with a slightly opened mouth and a French kiss. The latter kind is the highest intimate form of a kiss. Partners kiss open lips, while moving tongues inside of each other. And also one of the partners holds the tongue of the other in his mouth.
The most erogenous zone for a woman is her breasts. They are very sensible to the caress of your lips, which leads the woman into a state of strong desire. If a man kisses the breast for a long time, then the excitement reaches her genitals.
The next excitable zone is the waist and the area above the hips, which extends to the middle of the abdomen.
The pubic area is sensitive when you touch it with your lips and hands.
Stroking and squeezing the buttocks leads the woman to feel desire.
If this place is caressed by using hands, then the woman will experience the highest level of pleasure.
Most of all, they respond to the caress of the clitoris, the entrance to the vagina, the small lips and the area around them. The most important organ for excitation is considered the clitoris, as it can lead a woman to orgasm even without an intercourse. Using various sex techniques will allow you to bring diversity into your sex life and always have wonderful experiences.
For men it is his penis and testicles. The most erogenous place for men is the head of the penis.

It can also be said that all the aforementioned erogenous zones to a greater or lesser extent are also related to men.

Thank you!